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I am a research assistant professor in the Department of Pathology, at the School of Medicine, University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

My lab uses bioinformatics and experimental approaches to discover novel viruses and explore biology and evolution. More information is available is available on my work web page

In addition to my current work, I am trained as a biophysicist and structural biologist. The first computational biology problem that I put on the web, in 1994, was my helical wheel Java applet. This is often my first exercise when I learn a new language (like 'helloworld'). Various versions are available under the BSD license. If you need a helical wheel diagram please visit my helical wheel page.

I used to teach the Structural Biology course for the UC Berkeley Extension. I'm the father of an interesting teenage daughter - she used to have a web page but it seems to have stopped working some time ago.

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